Classy Plus Hearts schoolbag set 5 pcs

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AGR certificated

This product is officially certified by the German AGR

Contents of Package


Dimension: 16 x 36 x 27 cm
Material: Waterproof polyester


Dimension: 43 x 45 cm
Material: Polyester
With mesh compartment and zipped pocket

Pencil case (empty)

Dimension: 14 x 20,5 x 3.5 cm
Material: Polyester
The pencil case can accomodate: colored pencils 27 pcs, ruler 1 pc, eareser 1 pc, sharpener 1 pc

Pencil pouch

Dimension: 8 x 20 x 7.5 cm
Material: Polyester

3 unique patches

Velcro patches that can be used to make every school bag unique!


Our Classy Plus collection is an improved version of our most popular Classy bag. The new models are not only made of stronger and higher quality materials, but we have also equipped them with many extras!

This bag complies with the official German ergonomic certificate (AGR)! The certification is awarded to those who put great emphasis on the health of children during product innovation.

We offer our Classy Plus bags with a key holder and a 3-piece patch set, and we also equipped the locking system with a FidLock magnetic lock!


Classy Plus Set


1015 - 1065 g


36 x 32 x 19 cm


19 L


2 years


Polyester, waterproof

Trendy and unique style

Elevate your child's school style with the Belmil Classy Plus Schoolbag, a true fusion of fashion and function!

Its trendy and unique design, featuring eye-catching patterns, sets it apart, while the included 3-piece patch set allows for personalization to match your unique personality and style. In addition, each school bag set comes with a matching key ring, which makes the set even more unique!

Removable patches with unique velcro

Each patch adheres to a custom-patterned velcro layer underneath, featuring captivating patterns that add a personalized flair to the bag. The beauty of this design lies not only in the versatility of customization but also in the thoughtfulness of the Velcro layers. Even without the patches, the bag stands out, adorned with its distinctive patterns, ensuring an effortlessly stylish look for every student.

The globe and rocket shaped patches decorate the design for boys and the heart shaped patches make the ones for girls even prettier!

Printed nametag

The name tag sewn into the back of the bag clearly identifies the owner of the bag, so if the bag were to be lost, it would be easy to find its owner

Ergonomic design

Our bags are ergonomically designed and developed together with professional experts and doctors, and awarded with the German AGR certification!
When designing our bags, we place the greatest emphasis on ergonomic design.

- Ergonomic shape and breathable back padding
- Removable hip bel
- Chest belt
- Well-padded S-shaped shoulder straps that are adjustable at two points

FidLock agnetic lock system

This ergonomic schoolbag redefines schoolbag innovation with its cutting-edge magnetic lock system, the award-winning German solution known as FidLock. This remarkable feature not only ensures the safety of your belongings but also simplifies the daily routine of students. The FidLock magnetic lock seamlessly combines ease of use with security, allowing for quick access to the bag's contents while preventing any accidental spills or openings!

Reflective strips

Belmil prioritizes safety with its innovative reflective elements designed to enhance visibility during nighttime. These strategically placed reflective accents brilliantly capture and reflect light, ensuring that children remain visible in low-light conditions. Whether walking home from school or navigating dimly lit areas, the reflective elements act as a beacon, providing an extra layer of safety.

Belmil Ergonomics

Our Team places a great emphasis on ergonomics and the healthy development
of children, that is why our school bags are recommended and certified
by the Germany AGR Institute

Learn more about our ergonomic efforts!

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