Warranty conditions

Be sCool Ltd. (Be sCool Kft.) (hereinafter referred to as "Distributor"; address:

  • HUN-6722 Szeged; Bécsi korút 23.
  • VAT ID: HU25709933),

grants a 1-year warranty on all Belmil Premium school bag collections (all Smarty Plus, Comfy Plus, Compact Plus, Backpack and Funnypack bags) from the date of purchase, in addition to the statutory 2-year warranty, as well as a statutory 2-year warranty on other products (rain covers, gym bags, shoulder bags (Petite collection), patches and other accessories such as pen holders for each bag set) and Standard schoolbag sets. The warranty is valid within the European Union in the countries selected by the distributor for sale.
In the event of a defect, the customer may at any time during the warranty period assert his/her statutory consumer rights (compensation for damages pursuant to Sections 437 et seq. of the German Civil Code) against the sales partner free of charge in accordance with the following provisions.
If the customer discovers a defect in material or workmanship within the warranty period and sends the product directly to the sales partner before the warranty period expires, the sales partner shall repair the defect in question at its own expense, provided the product complies with the warranty, or replace the product with an identical type. If no identical product can be offered because the collection has expired and the fault cannot be rectified directly, the customer may redeem the price of the defective product for another available product or request a refund.
The return of the product that needs to be tested under warranty to the Distributor is free of charge, for which the Distributor will provide the Customer with a return label upon notification of the warranty claim.
The return of the product from the sales partner to the customer is free of charge for the customer.
The warranty is non-transferable and only the original purchaser, as evidenced by the invoice, may claim the warranty for the Distributor's products. In the event of a resale, the guarantee shall lapse.
The Distributor shall not be liable for any damage or loss caused to or by packages delivered to or originating from the Distributor if such damage or loss occurs beyond the Distributor's control or in unforeseeable circumstances.
The Distributor may, at its own discretion, deviate positively from the provisions set out in this document with regard to the fulfillment of warranty claims for the customer!
How does the warranty process work?

  • If the customer identifies a warranty defect, he/she must contact the Distributor via the following e-mail address before returning the goods: kundenservice@bescool.net, or via the contact form on the Distributor's website: https://belmilpremium.com/pages/contact
  • Important: The customer can only make a warranty claim in writing.
  • When contacting us, the customer must endeavor to describe the defect as accurately as possible and document the circumstances of the defect by means of photographs. The customer must provide his/her telephone number, e-mail address, exact address and a photo of the purchase receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.
  • The Distributor is obliged to respond to the contact within 24 hours on working days. If the validity of the warranty can be confirmed by the Distributor during the contact, the Distributor will provide the Customer with a free return label (.pdf file), which the Customer must print out. With the printed return label, the customer returns the defective product in its packaging to the post office or a DHL parcel center, which then forwards it to the sales partner. The customer can inform the sales partner that the parcel has been sent in order to speed up the processing of the case. The cost of packaging the product for transportation shall be borne by the customer! The return is only possible with the return label sent to the customer by the sales partner!
  • After approval, the package will be sent to the sales partner, where the fault will be investigated. The investigation will take approximately 2 weeks, during which time the distributor will not be able to provide exact details of the warranty. However, the Distributor is obliged to endeavor to remedy the defect as soon as possible, but within the maximum statutory period of 30 days (repair, replacement, exchange, refund).
  • After completion of the inspection, the sales partner informs the customer of the result in writing and informs him/her of the next steps.
  • The product (repaired original, exchange or replacement product) is returned to the customer. The costs for returning the goods will be charged to the sales partner within the European Union.

o If the defect has been repaired, the warranty for the repaired product will not be extended. In the case of a replacement or exchange product, the warranty will be reinstated on the basis of the type classification in accordance with the general provisions.

o If the Distributor determines that a refund is due, the Distributor is entitled to request from the customer an account number and the name of the account holder to which the calculated refund amount will be transferred within 5 working days. The refund can only be made by bank transfer, subject to the presentation of the required credit note.
o If the inspection reveals that the defect is not covered by the warranty, the Distributor shall return the product to the customer free of charge and without repair and inform the customer in writing of the reason for the rejection of the warranty claim.

When is the warranty NOT valid?


  • The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and damage caused by improper handling, use, accident or extreme temperatures.
  • The products may be deformed by external physical impact, strong pressure from above, from the sides, from the backrest (e.g. abrasion by grinding on the floor, breakage of the plastic base, impacts, throws, kicks, falls or other impacts due to improper use) and thus lose their original shape, ergonomic properties, full or partial usability. The warranty does not cover wear and tear resulting from natural use. If, upon inspection, the Distributor finds that the goods have been used for purposes other than those for which they were intended, the Distributor shall not be liable for any problems resulting from such use.
  • The product can be washed and cleaned by hand in water up to 30 degrees Celsius. Please note that washing the products in the washing machine is not permitted! To keep the bag clean, the distributor's "rain cover" product can help. Cleaning the decorative elements requires special attention!
  • The products should not be exposed to strong sunlight or prolonged frost or moisture over a longer period of time. Material defects caused by exposure to sunlight or frost are not covered by the warranty! The optimum temperature for using the products is between -20 and 55 °C, the storage temperature between 15 and 30 °C.
  • Customer-specific modifications and repairs that are not carried out by the sales partner (additional seams, drawings, separate replacement of the zipper, etc.) result in the complete loss of the warranty!

Inspection bodies
If the customer has a problem/defect with the distributor's warranty expiry or the processing of a warranty claim, he/she can contact Caseable with a complaint. Information can be found at the following address: https://caseable.com/de/de/ruecksendungen
If the customer has a complaint regarding the return of the product, he/she can contact Wellmarked, which is responsible for the return of the product and for any complaints. Information can be found at: https://www.gutmarkiert.de/service-und-garantie

Assertion of the warranty claim
In the event of a warranty claim, please contact the distributor as the guarantor:

Be sCool Kft,
Becsi korut 23, 6722 Szeged, Hungary
+49 32 2122 91300