Ordering from Switzerland

For deliveries to Switzerland, we recommend using the MeinEinkauf.ch service. MeinEinkauf.ch takes care of shipping and customs clearance to Switzerland for a small fee.

Before ordering from our site, register at MeinEinkauf.ch, or use your existing registration on their interface.

Register at Meineinkauf!

During your registration, enter your own delivery details on the meineinkauf interface!

After registration, you will receive a personalized email address. You can order from our webshop as a Swiss with this MeinEinkauf.ch email address.

On our interface (belmil.de), enter the following delivery data in addition to the e-mail address you received:

MeinEinkauf GmbH
Maybachstraße 19
DE-78467 Konstanz

If you entered these details in our webshop, your order will be sent to Meineinkauf's warehouse, from where it will be forwarded to the delivery address specified on Meineinkauf's interface :)