since 1965

Family business

We are a family business manufacturing textile bags since 1965. The company is established by Istvan Benak, and today is led by his son, Zoltan Benak and his wife Elizabeth Benak who dedicated their life to the beauty of creation. 

since 1965

50 years of expertise

Today the company is joined by the third generation, combining creative and innovative solutions with 50 years of expertise of the textile industry.

Leading manufacturer

With a dedicated team of over 200 colleagues we operate in 10,000-square-meter production facility with the most modern machinery, making us the leading ergonomic school bag manufacturer of Europe.

Since 1965

Made in Europe

Fresh air

Belmil is not only committed to crafting top-tier school bags but also to safeguarding the environment for future generations. We have undertaken significant initiatives to minimize our carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability. In line with this commitment, we have planted 5000 trees, enhancing air freshness and contributing to local ecosystems.

Local production

Thanks to our location in Europe, purchasing a Belmil school bag also means transportation is significantly shortened, thus further minimizing carbon footprint.

Additionally, we harness the power of solar energy by installing solar panels to supplement a portion of our energy consumption during the production process.

Choose local

When you choose to purchase Belmil products, you're not just acquiring quality items; you're also making a conscious decision to minimize your carbon footprint and support local families. Join us in our mission for sustainability and community empowerment with every purchase.